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Management Rules

Our management rules apply to any person in The Academy building or grounds. If you are booking the facility it is your responsibility to communicate these rules to your group. Individuals/groups breaking the rules may be asked to leave and future bookings/lets may be refused and or cancelled.


As a condition of using our facility current Covid-19 guidelines and rules must be adhered to at all times. All users must undertake and provide proof of a rigorous risk assessment. Those attending SCSL agree to comply with Scottish Government, Scottish Football Association and sportscotland guidance in relation to stipulated restrictions and rules.

Security/Health and Safety

Customers attending The Academy must comply with the instructions of The Academy staff with respect to security and health and safety. This includes fire drills, car parking regulations and actions in the event of an emergency.


In the case of an emergency evacuation customers should use the nearest and safest emergency exit and congregate on the concrete area between the Community and Stadium pitches.


Only alcohol purchased on the premises may be consumed. Please drink responsibly. Academy staff reserve the right to refuse service to customers.


Customers attending The Academy must not be in possession of, consume, or be under the influence of drugs.


Smoking is prohibited in The Academy building, and grounds. This includes the car parking areas.


Please be considerate and respectful towards all users and staff at The Academy. Customers causing offence or displaying inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the premises.

llegal behaviour

Customers attending The Academy are required to act in a way that is compliant with the law.


No dogs are allowed on the grounds or inside The Academy except guide or hearing dogs.

Storage, Equipment and Catering

If you require additional or specialist equipment please contact The Academy. If you need to move Academy equipment such as goals please find a member of Academy staff to do this for you. If you damage Academy equipment you may be asked to cover the costs of repair/replacement.

For health and safety reasons The Academy does not allow customers to bring in their own food for children’s birthday parties or private functions.

Car Parking

Please use marked parking bays only. Disabled parking is for badge holders only. Users parking inappropriately (including in non-designated areas, grass embankments and on yellow lines) will be asked to move and may have parking control window labels place on their vehicle. We are a busy facility, especially during peak times. Inconsiderate parking causes frustration for all users and is a health and safety risk. If you cannot park on site, alternative parking options include on street parking in the surrounding neighbourhood.