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Art Offenders

ART OFFENDERS was the first art exhibition presented to you by CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS - the Alternative School's social enterprise art group.

Prior to the pandemic, the students who attend Spartans Alternative school collaborated their art with a social enterprise project and named it CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS. Their mission was to create awareness and positive change while they explored different ways of creating art. This year they spoke a lot about war and the negative impacts that battle and war has had on the lives of our soldiers when they return home. 

 "It looked good." - CB

 "I’m proud of the exhibition. We raised a great total so far. I enjoy the Art because it makes me feel chilled." - AT

On Wednesday the 8th of December 2021 the group held its first ever exhibition at The Academy. It featured drawings, paintings, creative writing, film and 3D work that were available for purchase. The students also designed and created cards, prints and mugs that were for sale at a ‘pop up shop’. 

The students have chosen to donate all the money raised to SCOTTISH VETERANS RESIDENCES. Scottish Veterans residences  provides supported housing for former members of the UK Armed Forces who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Their services are located in Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow.

"This social enterprise art project brought out the best in all our students.  Their creativity, planning and attention to detail made the exhibition a success. On the night they were welcoming, warm and hospitable to all our guests, young and old!  It was lovely to see the pride they took in seeing their work on display and they raised over £700 and counting…’

Emma Easton (Alternative School Manager)

Items of original art work, cards and mugs are available for sale. You can see a range of these items  the Creative Collaborations instagram page and you can purchase them by messaging creative collaborations directly on instagram or by emailing