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Building international links at The Academy

We are excited to continue our relationship with the Parikrma Humanity Foundation based in Bangalore, India.

Our former youth worker Jamie Tomkinson (‘Tommo’) is currently based at the Foundation on placement, arranged through international sport for development organisation Coaches Across Continents.

Tommo is working on supporting the foundation to access peer support and mentoring opportunities in education and sports participation. Using our relationships with local schools and young people we hope to create links with the Parikrma Humanity Foundation and the community of North Edinburgh.

The Parikrma Humanity Foundation was established in 2003. Parikrma means 'full circle'. The aim of the foundation is to work with students from ages 5-25 years and their families to support their education and help pull whole families out of poverty.  Our first introduction to Parikrma, came a few years ago when Shukla Bose – Parikrma Humanity Foundation’s Founder and CEO made a benchmarking visit to the Academy (arranged by Richard Knight, Founder & MD of Maasai Camel Ltd.).  
Our first project is to work together on inspiring, enabling and motivating girls to play football. Tommo has been working with the Community Coaching team at The Academy to plan a girls’ football festival in Bangalore that will follow a similar format to the annual girl’s festival we host at The Academy. 
This year both organisations will host events on May 25th. As part of our festival preparations here at the Academy, the community coaching team are introducing participating schools to the Parikrma Humanity Foundation and discussing the challenges that girls in India face if they want to take part in football – particularly the barrier that women and girls in India can’t and shouldn’t play football.
During our festival this year pupils will make a banner of support and a video showcasing their support, to send to the girls’ festival in Bangalore. In doing so, our hope is that we can start the process of building a cross-continent project where pupils from both continents can learn about each-others’ cultures through a shared love of football.