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Lewis completes his diploma

Congratulations to youth worker Lewis who recently finished his diploma and tells us a little about his experiences here.

"I have been studying for a  Diploma in Informal Education  and Community Learning and Development. I went to a monthly session and did the rest online through the  YMCA George Williams College. 

The course is all about learning from your own interactions with young people. I was able to relate each topic to an area of my practice as a youth worker at the Academy. It has been a good experience for me as I have learnt more about youth work and I have learnt more about things such as reflecting on my experiences and group work. I feel doing the diploma has helped me improve as a practitioner.

My week consists of Youth Work in a primary school at Granton Primary twice a week, while also delivering clubs such as our FooTEA clubs and the Breakfast Club. I enjoy doing face to face work with young people and building relationships with them."