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Learnin’ aboot Scots at the Alternative School

The Scots language has been a focus for many of our young people in their English lessons recently. They have enjoyed the opportunity to explore some of the words and phrases they have grown up using or hearing in their local communities

Some of the language-focused activities students took part in involved listening to extracts from "The Young Team" by Graeme Armstrong, watching some comedy in Scots, looking up Scots words in the Scots Language Dictionary and some students even attempted a little creative writing in Scots.

We were surprised at the number of Scots words we know and use on a daily basis. We were also able to identify some Scots words used in different parts of Scotland. Perhaps not surprisingly, we were amused to learn that there are over 30 words in Scots for being drunk! We couldn’t quite name all 30 though!

Our Scots language focus culminated with a light-touch Burns supper at the end of January. The young people cooked and served traditional haggis, neeps and tatties and we we washed doon with Irn-bru. This was followed by some delicious home-made shortbread and classic Tunnock’s Tea Cakes.

All in all, it was BRAW!