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The Alternative School wins a Social Enterprise World Forum Award

Congratulations to the students of the Alternative School on their recent award.

Over the past year students have worked with National Galleries Scotland producing art work. In partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy the art was used to create a social enterprise that has raised money for local charity, UEvolve.

Student Bethany Marshall commented: 

"We created artwork using paint and footballs. We then learnt how to use photoshop and to create digital drawings that became designs for our mugs. The mugs were then sold to raise money for UEvolve. This was our chosen charity for our social enterprise ‘Creative Collaborations’.  We have been working on this since February 2020 to raise awareness of young male mental health. Despite Covid-19 we continued to develop the social enterprise."

The project was featured in a special edition of The Big Issue. As part of the social enterprise students sold 50 copies of The Big Issue and100 mugs featuring the art work. "Creative Collaborations" was recently awarded Global Goals and Good Health and Wellbeing certificates at the Social Enterprise World Forum

A limited number of mugs (£10) and copies of The Big Issue are still available. To purchase, please contact