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Spartans Youth Ambassador


Our youth ambassador programme at The Academy gives young people the opportunity to volunteer in all parts of our organisation - from facilities and hospitality to coaching and youth work. For some this leads to gaining qualifications and even into a job. Find out how you can get involved here.

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I want to be a PE teacher and the Academy will help me do that. I’m learning how to balance things – school, football training and volunteering and I’ve got other people to help me like Brandin who is here and also wants to be a PE teacher. I’ve been volunteering at Sat/Sun football since Christmas. I think that the younger kids pay more attention and I enjoy structuring the sessions and getting practical experience.

Spartans is a great community, it brings everyone together and helps people make good decisions. It’s great – I think that people should come along and try it. It helps you grown as a person.

When I first came to Spartans I was 11 and I went to FooTEA club with my friends. I was bored and it gave me something to do. I went to Breakfast Club too and about a year and a half ago Lewis (youth worker) asked me if I wanted to volunteer – I helped clear up and played games with the younger kids. Then I helped at Friday FooTEA club. The best day was when I organised for us to make smoothies – I supervised and helped the kids choose their ingredients. I had to stop helping on a Friday because my football team train on that day so that’s when I got involved in Sat/Sun and that’s helping me get experience in coaching.

Aaron is a good lad and is always willing to learn and improve – it’s testament to his character that he has actively searched out more volunteering opportunities and is now doing coaching at SatSun. He has spent over 400hrs here volunteering and is a main part of the team – well done Aaron!

Jamie Tomkinson, Academy Youth Worker 

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We have volunteering opportunities throughout our organisation.

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