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The Alternative School


"I wouldn't still be at school if I didn't go to the Alternative School"

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I'm able to reflect more now

"I've been going to Spartans since I was small doing stuff with the youth workers. I wasn't behaving at school and the Head Teacher introduced me to the Alternative School. I started in 2nd year and now I'm in 4th year. I get one to one classes and it's better for me. I've got my Nat 5 Literacy and Nat 4 Maths. I like the cooking classes and this year we did a rapping class which was good. I also do work experience at the Academy - cleaning and maintenance on the pitches. My favourite thing is helping out at the sports day that the youth work team organise. I like helping people. I might get involved with youth work. I think that biggest thing that the school has helped me with is being able to take time to think about stuff and reflect before I do something that might get me into trouble."

"Bailey has grown in confidence over the past 2 years and his teamwork and communication skills have taken a massive leap forward. He's started to apply for jobs and attend interviews. It's great to see him thinking about what he wants to do in the future."

Emma Easton, manager of the Alternative School


We support the learner journey of young people in our community by providing youth work and education support in local schools. We also have an Alternative School based at The Academy where we welcome pupils who find mainstream education a challenge.

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