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Spartans AM Club


Many kids in the local area get breakfast at school during the week but weekends can be more of a challenge so we developed our Spartans AM Saturday breakfast club. 

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"I came to Spartans when I was 9 because Tommo and Stewart were advertising it at school and said how good it was. My favourite thing is playing football with other kids and with the staff. Spartans is good because it gives you a safe place to play."

If I wasn’t there I reckon that I would play my computer in my room or I’d probably be going out causing mayhem.

"It’s much better than kicking a ball around on the street. I started coming to Spartans AM in February when it first got started. I get to volunteer and help out with the younger kids.  I’d recommend Spartans to other people because it’s really fun and it would get them out of trouble if they are in trouble.”

"Calvin originally started playing football for Spartans FC. He would often come and ask me for a kick about before his training started, he was here pretty much every day so I got him involved with our youth clubs. He's never been away. Like every young person he has had his ups and his downs, but his confidence and responsibility have come on leaps and bounds. It was a pleasure to see him become an official volunteer last August."

Jamie Tomkinson, SCFA Youth Worker

Youth Work at The Academy

Spartans AM is just one example of our Youth Work programmes that change lives in the local community.

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