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Our "Youth Work in Schools" project places youth workers in local primary schools providing a trusted adult to support pupils in small groups or one:one in the school environment.

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During my time at Pirniehall Primary School I have worked alongside youth worker Kenny with upper school pupils, in whole class settings, group settings and as part of the school’s homework club. Kenny adapts his content and style to the needs of the staff and the children, covering a range of topics including team building, community safety, current issues such as gender stereotypes and individual programs for those who need 1:1 support. Kenny is a positive male role model for the children. He is willing to discuss the uncomfortable subjects with pupils, approaching issues from a local viewpoint in a way that we, as teachers are unable to. During Kenny’s recent work with a group of P7 boys, he has discussed male stereotypes and the way woman are perceived, addressing the behaviours of males regarding sexualization of woman. He has used hard-hitting, real life examples (including statements he has heard from the pupils) and language that the pupils can relate to. In return, the feedback that Kenny receives is in the same language and enables a sense of security, allowing learners to express themselves in a way they would never with us.

"As a "Blue Coat" we are recognised and trusted by the pupils and the wider school community. It's privilege to be able to be part of school life at Pirniehall and to support the kids in a variety of setting from large group to one:one interactions."

Kenny Cameron, Youth Work Manager

Youth Work

We have a range of youth work clubs at The Academy - safe spaces for young people to have fun and socialise together

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