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Spartans Youth Ambassador


The Spartans Community Football Academy Youth Ambassadors Programme provides meaningful volunteering experiences for young people who have an interest in sport, youth work, facilities operations or who simply want to help and support others in the community. For many of our young volunteers the experiences at The Academy help them build new skills and confidence. Corinna is a perfect example. She was very shy and quiet when she fist joined us but her confidence has sky-rocketed even representing The Academy at local community council meetings.

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"When I was looking for volunteering options for my Duke of Edinburgh at school my mum said that I should ask at The Academy. I thought that it was a good idea because I played for the women's youth development squad and I knew a lot about The Academy and I knew some of the people already. I started out by helping at FooTea club - I didn't realise about the Youth Work that The Academy did but it's really great. I really enjoyed getting to know the kids and seeing them make new friends. When I started volunteering I was really shy and quiet and nervous but now I am a lot more confident!"

From Duke of Edinburgh to a part time job!

"After my volunteering for Duke of Edinburgh stopped I asked if I could stay on - I got to volunteer in the Cafe serving customers and doing stock and cleaning. I think that this is really good work experience. I also started to help out with coaching at Little Miss Kickers on a Friday afternoon. I organise the equipment and help Nic - the coach. It's good to watch her in action as I want to do my coaching badges in the future and I am learning lots. I still get nervous when I have to do the warm-ups for the girls but I'm getting better. This summer I am working in the Cafe - it's good to have a part time job but it is quite tiring!"

"Corinna is a brilliant volunteer - she's always thinking ahead to what's coming up, has a really good nature with the kids and is so keen to learn. When she first started out she was very shy but over the past 18 months she's become so much more confident and has a really great sense of humour which can be very useful when we are coaching in the rain and wind! I can't wait to see her go through her coaching badges. Corinna was recently  awarded the Inspiring Edinburgh Sports Volunteering Young Volunteer of the Year - we are all really proud of her."

Nic Sturrock, Women and Girls Football Development Manager.

Get involved at The Spartans Community Football Academy

Volunteers are at the heart of The Spartans Community Football Academy. Their time, commitment and skills ensure that we can operate our facility, deliver our programmes and make a difference to the lives of young people in North Edinburgh.

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