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We have worked alongside Pilton Community Health Project (PCHP) for many years. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to build on this partnership and work more closely to support our community. We caught up with Dawn Anderson, CEO at PCHP, to hear her thoughts about how our organisations complement each other and work together. 

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"PCHP enjoys a rich history with The Academy and a partnership that has developed over many years. Initially the obvious links were our common commitments to promoting accessible local ways for people of all ages to be more active, but now it is so much more. The Academy’s values, based on a holistic approach to wellbeing, dovetails perfectly with so much of the community driven work we are developing alongside local people and their families. We know this partnership benefits the local people we serve – from the practical support we received from The Academy when we started our community pantry to the great examples of learning, innovation and fun in schools (e.g. Roots, Shoots and Scores) to the breadth of groups, activities and of-course football related initiatives that are on offer at The Academy. 

The benefits of the partnership with The Academy are endless and continue to develop. Dougie’s strong values based leadership, positive outlook and a head for imaginative solutions offers great inspiration for us all to share local challenges, pool our resources and approach things in a more collective way. Through our relationship with The Academy we have reached more people, been prompted to think differently about problem solving and find new ways to share the skills and enthusiasm that will get even more people in North Edinburgh taking steps to better health. 

The Academy is a linchpin in our community and the awareness that The Academy has about what people need and want at all different times of their lives and in crisis, like in the pandemic, is really important. Strong levels of awareness of what’s happening in the community, listening to people’s voices, and responding in an inclusive way helped us all support our community and our relationship strengthened -from sharing volunteer power at times of need to insights into strategic planning and resource management.  

I value our growing links and partnership with The Academy. I enjoy coming up with new ideas for innovative developments in community wellbeing, learning from others and the support from The Academy that helps us operate locally in an inclusive and accessible way. The Academy is a source of inspiration. It shows us how people can create a wonderful resource that supports local people to live in a healthier community as well as offering enjoyable sport and recreation. PCHP enjoys our strong partnership, our links and joint ventures and we hope and plan for this continuing to strengthen over many more years to come." 

"Our partnership with PCHP makes so much good sense - our proximity, our shared aims and objectives for supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. But it's the shared values of working with kindness and compassion and exploring what our community needs that makes our partnership have a real positive impact."

Douglas Samuel, CEO of The Academy

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