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Youth Work

Fay and Caiden

At the Academy, local young people are welcome to come along and take part in our range of youth work provisions including holiday programmes, youth clubs, and drop-in street football. There's something for everyone. You can find out more here.

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"I come to FooTEA, summer stuff and girls' club. I do everything! This year I went to Hopscotch, Dalkeith Country Park and to the Safari Park. Spartans were at my school and I got to try the VR (virtual reality). The best bit was being under water and seeing the fish - it felt so real and peaceful. I think everyone should come to Spartans - it's great because it stops you getting bored."


"Girls' club is my favourite because I can hang out with my friends. It's a fun experience and better than being at home! When I did the VR (virtual reality) at school I got to be a mechanic and I did lots of problem solving. I really liked the challenge and my teacher said that I could think about being an engineer. I like maths and I think that being an engineer would be a good thing to aim for."

"Fay and Caiden are familiar faces at the Academy. It's been great to see their friendship develop over the years. They are real ambassadors for us and are always the first to introduce themselves and welcome new people when they come to our clubs." 

Lewis Garrity, Youth Worker.

Youth work

We run a range of youth work programmes for young people at the Academy and in the wider community.

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