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Jack Forsyth

Jack, from Craigroyston Community High School became an intern with our education team following a summer placement opportunity where he became interested in our work in local primary schools and in our youth work activities.

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"I assist in youth clubs that take place at Spartans such as boys group on a Tuesday, where we make the kids their dinner and keep them entertained wether it’s with games, sport or just a chat. I also was lucky enough to start interning with Lewis Kidd in Craigroyston Primary School which consists of delivery of various educational projects tailored to each age range. My stand out experience so far has been when I began working in Craigroyston Primary School because it made me feel like a positive role model as well as someone that can influence the kids. A person that they don’t view as authority, more a friend. The most challenging thing I’ve experienced so far with Spartans would be adjusting from someone who goes to school to someone who works in one. I say this was challenging as it can take a lot for kids to listen when they know I’m still in school myself. I have managed to get around this though and couldn’t be happier with my placement there.

I have learnt how to connect with kids in a way that they see me as a friend but also can trust me to tell me if they have had a bad experience. Working with Spartans, I’ve also learned the extent to which some kids families can struggle or even the kids themselves and it’s made me a more empathetic and understanding person. I think the social skills I’ve built from Spartans as well as the people I’ve met will assist me in future plans as it’s provided me with very positive role models who stop at nothing to push you to improve, which helps your confidence and charisma loads. This means in the future I have the confidence to network myself and valuable insight of the community(s) which I feel allows for me to be better all round, both as a businessman and a person.

Being an intern at Spartans is one of the best opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have and couldn’t recommend it enough. Volunteering here sets you up with life skills and insight that is hard to find and does it in a way that is engaging for everyone. The volunteering has improved my experiences elsewhere as Spartans are known positively which causes people to then trust me. And if you do volunteer just remember, you’re representing Spartans as much as yourself when you volunteer so make the most of it!"

"Jack is an amazing intern - he is keen to learn, very positive and has great energy. The pupils at Craigroyston Primary enjoy working with him!"

Lewis Kidd, Education Officer

Education at The Academy

We run a variety of education programmes supporting young people in Edinburgh.

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