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Community Coaching


The Spartans Community Football Academy has a range of holiday and term time football coaching programmes for boys and girls aged between 3 and 13 years. We focus on learning new skills and playing football in a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment.

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Maya (aged 7) 

“I started playing “tutti footie” football at nursery school when I was 3 years old. I did SatSun football for one and a half years. This year I am in the Spartans 2010s. I am the only girl. It feels good to be the only girl but sometimes it is quite tough. I do Little Miss Kickers on Fridays with Nic. The hardest things that I have learnt is how to do a swizzle – this is when you put your foot on the ball and turn around. I love Little Miss Kickers because I have lots of new friends, I get to learn new skills and I like to score goals. My favourite footballers are Joelle Murray, Ronaldo and Messi. I want to be a footballer when I am older.”

Mhairi (Maya’s mum) 

“Maya loved playing football at nursery and I was looking for classes for her. A friend told me about The Academy’s holiday programmes and since then she’s done SatSun and Little Miss Kickers. Now she’s playing for the Spartans FC 2010s. There have been so many opportunities through The Academy – Maya’s met some of the women’s national team and been a ball girl at the League Cup Final. Football gives her confidence and teaches her communication skills and how to work in a team. The atmosphere at The Academy is great, it’s really friendly and I love the fact that there is so much going on with the local community and through the social enterprise. I’ve even started to volunteer with the 2010 team helping to organise and do fundraising.”


"Maya has recently started playing in senior Miss Kickers where she is loving the challenge of matching the skills of the older girls."

Jude Sheppard, Girls' and Womens' Development Officer

Community Football Programmes

Inclusive community football programmes for kids aged 3-13 yrs.

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