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"If I weren't at Spartans I’d be in my bed sleeping. It means I’m staying at school and I have a chance to go to college."

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I came to Spartans because I wasn’t attending school. In S1 I went a couple of times and maybe 4-5 times in S2. In S3 I got told that I might get in more trouble and I got a bit scared Miss Connell (House Head at Leith Academy) told me about Spartans and how it had 1:1 teaching and that it could be a good option for me, so I started coming.

I do mostly Maths, English, Cooking and PE. We also get to do stuff like rapping and making songs. My favourite thing is cooking, especially baking sweet stuff. We made cupcakes and I ate them all! The best thing is rock climbing. We went outdoors. It was good banter and good to have a whole day out in fresh air. It was scary – windy. It took me 20mins to think about going up as I didn’t want to trust anyone. I’d do it again though!

I got my Nat 3 Maths and I was really proud. Now I’m doing Nat 4 and Nat 5 in English. In Spartans there’s one teacher. I was always so far behind at school ‘cos I missed so much. Here I get 1:1 so I understand more. I help in a salon on Ferry Road for work experience and I want to do hairdressing and beauty at College.

"Over the past year I've been proud to see Natalia's confidence grow and to help her make plans for her future. I look forward to seeing her back at the Alternative School in session '19/20."

Emma Easton, Manager of the Alternative School.


The Alternative School is based at The Academy where we welcome pupils who find mainstream education a challenge. We also support the learner journey of young people in our community by providing youth work and education support in local schools.

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