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Volunteers are an essential part of the Spartans Family. We have a variety of opportunities in all of our departments. If you are interested in doing us please do get in touch!

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"I started with Spartans FC when I was doing work experience in 2012. I helped to coach the 2005's team. In 2015 I went on tour with them which was amazing. It's been good to see the kids go from playing 5 a-side, 7 a-side and now 11 a-side. It's been a great journey. I love coaching the kids, they learn really fast and sometimes I even learn from them!".

I want to be a coach in the future.

"I'm now coaching Woodlands Special School with the Connections coaches on a Friday. I've done my 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 coaching awards and I want to be a coach in the future. I've only got 9 weeks left in my NC Sport and Fitness course. I really liked helping out at Woodlands with connections and I've got work experience set up in their sports department so that I can learn about more sports. I coach at SatSun football and I just got a Saltire Award for this.”

"Robbie has learning difficulties and the coaching team at Spartans Community Football Academy have been so supportive. Volunteering has made a huge difference to his confidence and it’s really great that he can learn news skills and do what he loves. I would encourage other people with learning difficulties to get involved with The Academy.” 

Michelle, Robbie's mum

Volunteering at The Academy

Volunteering is just one example of how we contribute to developing young people in our community.

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