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Youth Work


Building trust, developing relationships and being there when it matters all form core aspects of our Youth Work. Whether it's in schools or in our clubs, our youth workers are there to support young people when they need it.

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Stevi is a Primary 7 pupil at Wardie Primary School who has been supported by Kenny, one of our youth workers. We asked her to share some of her experiences:


“Kenny gives me extra support and I can talk to him about things. He is just there for me and is really sympathetic. It makes me feel cared for and warm inside. He has lots of time and helps to make me feel better. He treats everyone the same - like normal - it doesn’t matter who you are. I am really inspired by Kenny and I think that I’d like to be like him and do youth work in the future.”


We asked Debbie, Stevi’s mum, for her thoughts on how Stevi has benefitted from having support from Kenny:


“I had cancer when Stevi was only 2 and all my kids became aware of this as they got older. One day at school Stevi read about cancer and she started to become scared and anxious. That’s when she first talked to Kenny and it really helped. I don’t think that Kenny really knows the impact that he has had for Stevi. Stevi’s dad and I got divorced and it was hard for Stevi – through talking to Kenny she was able to understand that nothing was her fault and have a positive role model that she could look up to. As a mum you try to do your best for your kids but sometimes you need extra support and Kenny has been that person.”

"Sometimes it's big things, sometimes it's small things - I'm there to listen and understand and support young people when they need someone to reach out to."

Kenny Cameron, Youth Work Manager

Youth Work

We have a range of youth work clubs at The Academy - safe spaces for young people to have fun and socialise together

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