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International Volunteers

Vima and Kaisa

We often receive requests from international volunteers who want to find our about The Academy and what we do. In the spring of 2020 we were delighted to be joined by Vima and Kaisa from Finland who were part of the Erasmus + programme. This programme allows young people to study, volunteer and gain work experience abroad.

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Vima and Kaisa were mentored by Nic, our Coaching Development Department manager. For a period of three weeks Nic designed a timetable that ensured that Vima and Kaisa were able to spend time in different parts of the organisation including Community Coaching at The Academy and in local schools and Youth Work Clubs.

Vima (left): "I enjoyed watching and learning at The Academy and my English has definitely improved! I think that the people in Scotland are very friendly and the weather is better than in Finland!"

Kaisa (right): "I enjoyed helping with the kids on the pitch and seeing the different things at The Academy - it's very different to any sports club I have seen in Finland."

"We have enjoyed being able to showcase The Academy to Vima and Kaisa and I hope that their experiences here have shown them that we are more than just football and that sport can have a broader role in supporting communities"

Nic Sturrock, Coaching Development Manager.

Volunteer at the Academy

Volunteers are at the heart of The Spartans Community Football Academy. Their time, commitment and skills ensure that we can operate our facility, deliver our programmes and make a difference to the lives of young people in North Edinburgh.

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